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XeVision® HID & LED Lighting for Aerospace, Marine, Military and Industry
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XeVision® HID & LED Lighting Systems for Aerospace, Military and Industry
XeVision HID and LED aircraft landing and taxi light


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XeVision® Foundation & professional Goals

XeVision® was founded in early 2002 by Daniel Blumel, president of Reliable Equipment and Engineering, Ogden UT, and Jurg Sommerauer, president/owner of Real Art GmbH, Zephyr Cove NV. Reliable Equipment and Engineering is in business since 1987 providing industrial product sales. Real Art GmbH (formerly Aero Visions International, Inc. (see current web site) is in business since 1992 with experience in R&D, aircraft design, system integration, and builder assistance (recently acquired by Real Art GmbH). Principals are pilots and experimental aircraft builders.


Tony Lin (FarVision) joined the team in 2004 with more than 15 years of experience in HID and 5 years in LED electronic R&D and engineering, providing the edge for achieving Xevision's high goals of performance and reliability of LED and HID lighting. The purpose of this joint venture is to offer the very best in technology, reliability and performance in HID Xenon metal halide arc discharge lighting systems for Aerospace and Industry.


XeVision® strives to:

  • - Implement cutting edge technology for HID and LED lighting
  • - Offer innovative engineering & design of LED and HID for aerospase, marine, military, and industry
  • - To be one step ahead of the competition
  • - Reliability of all XeVision® products
  • - Maintain high standard for customer/product support
  • - Create a safe flight environment "See and be seen" for aircraft


Our proprietary electronic ballasts, patented XePulse™ HID pulsing system, and specially designed HID products makes XeVision the leader in HID lighting technology.

The founders
Dan Blumel
Sales & Customer support
(801) 622-7000
Dr. Jurg Sommerauer
Product development
Real Art GmbH, Switzerland
e-mail Jurg