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XeVision HID lighting system installation information -

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XeVision® HID Lighting System Installations through Certified Professional Shops

Please contact the shop, which is closest to your location or a preferred FSDO. Competent maintenance technicians have experience with our XeVision HID system installations and 337 approval procedures. The list below shows the involved FAA FSDO's, shop and contact person, examples of installations with approved FAA 337 field approval documents. Please check thelist of selected approved FAA 337 by clicking here.

Certified shop and contact
Approved installations

Philadelphia FSDO

Hortman Aviation, Philadelphia, PA

Herbert Hortman
(215) 969-0311

Grumman Tiger, Yankee, Traveller Piper Cherokee

12 or more

South Bend SBN-FSDO

Excel-Air Services, Rensselaer, IN

John Sjaardema
(888) 91-EXCEL

Grumman Tiger, Cheetah, Traveller Cessna 182

6 or more

Oakland OAK-FSDO

Top Gun Aviation, Stockton, CA

Thomas Rouch
(209) 983-8082


Grumman Tiger

Soccata Tobago

Piper PA-235

10 or more

Minneapolis FSDO

Sierra Hotel Aero, St. Paul, MN

Chris Gardner
(651) 306-1456


Navion (OEM) Piper Mirage

Beech Baron

10 or more


Motive Services Co, Algonquin, IL

Lynn Hadler
(847) 428-4242 office (847) 565-6589 cell

Yak 52


Mooney M-20J

12 or more

Oakland OAK-FSDO

Oakland Aircraft Maintenance, Oakland, CA

Bill Putney




12 or more

Detroit AGL-FSDO

Avantgarde Aviation, Waterford, MI

John Johns

(248) 666-3730

Beech M-35, Baron, Bonanza T-tail Lance

5 or more

Las Vegas FSDO

Classic Aero LLC, Ramona, CA

(760) 496-8723

Cessna P-210

3 or more

Spokane FSDO

Southfield Fuel / Heli-Prop Aviation Coeur D'Alene, ID

Larry Booher


(208) 772 6404


1 or more

Philadephia FSDO

Schaerer Aviation, Lebanon, PA


1 or more

Oakland OAK-FSDO

Aeroventure, Petaluma, CA

Peter Bradley

(707) 778-6767


Piper PA-28R-200

1 or more

Boston FSDO

GJ Aviation,
KFXE Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

5115 NW 98th Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33076

Glenn E. Juber, A P/IA/CFI

cell: 860-208-7953
fax: (754) 484-4273

Mooney M20F, M20J Piper Archer Piper Geronimo Apache, Aztec Cessna 500/501, 550, 560 series Citation Cessna T337

5 or more

Van Nuys FSDO

Light Helicopter Depot, Santa Paula, CA

Dan Casey

(650) 224 0802

Robinson R22, R44

in the works

Harrisburg PA FSDO

Advanced Aircraft Services, Lancaster, PA

Jim Mazzante, A P
(717) 735-5179


Diamond Aircraft DA40 Cirrus SR-20, SR-22 in the works:

3 or more

Australia Sydney

Bilyara Maintenance and Engineering

Garth Bartlett

(612) 9532-1757

Cessna, others

Saint Paul MN


Modern Aero Inc., Saint Paul, MN

Frank Nook, Avonics

(952) 941-6255, ext. 106

Diamond Aircraft DA42 TwinStar

1 or more

Los Angeles CA

Security Aviation, Hawthorne, CA 90250

Chris Miller

(310) 978-1095


Diamond Aircraft DA40

3 or more


Installation Instructions

A complete installation manual is provided with each XeVision kit.

Download a copy of the installation manual.

Below is an example of a typical 12 VDC installation. The existing aircraft (a/c) switch, CB, and wiring may be used if the electric rating is equal and higher than 10 A. We like to see 18 awg or 16 awg wires. For new installations please follow the diagram below.

XeVision® HID conversion kit generic wiring diagram


Power input for the super-thin XeStrike™ ballast, XV4D

There are two distinct XV4D ballast models:

SPM: Single power mode with setup for one single-output power, like 35 W or 50 W

DPM: Dual power mode allowing switching between the preset dual output power setting

The input power connectors of the two models are wired differently. The input connector consists of three pins with + power, ground, and trigger. Please see the wiring diagrams below representing SPM and DPM model required wiring.

XV4D ballast models power input wiring

Wiring diagram of XV4D SPM Wiring diagram of XV4D DPM

Electrical wiring diagrams of SPM and DPM models are different.
SPM standard on/off wiring with a two-pin connector (or open trigger wire) is shown in the generic HID wiring diagram here. SPM remote on/off switching (SW) is done between + power (red) and control wire (white)
DPM is remotely switched by SW is between trigger wire (white) and ground wire (black) to select
35 W or 50 W. on/off switching is done by a switch (and CB) in the + power (red) wire.

Please click on the thumbs for a larger wiring diagram or download the DPM diagram and SPM diagram


Amperage load analysis

For the circuit breaker values the maximum inrush current at start-up needs to be considered.
This may be larger than the recommended CB value for the wire protection.
If a CB value is marginal, start-up of the HID bulb may fail.

For 50 watt systems

12 VDC

24 VDC

Ballast steady state current (A)



Wire gauge (AWG) recommended (depends on length)



Circuit breaker (A) recommended

10 - 15

7.5 - 10

For 35 watt systems

12 VDC

24 VDC

Ballast steady state current (A)



Wire gauge (AWG) recommended (depends on length)



Circuit breaker (A) recommended

7.5 - 10

5 - 7.5


XePulse™ 2 module wiring

This is our new solid-state module which is designed for our XeStrike™ D-series ballasts with three input pins. Please check the XePulse™ 2 page for XePulse™ 2 description and specifications.

To get all XePulse™ 2 related documents, please go to the download page.

XePulse™ 1 module wiring recommendations
XeVision XePulse wiring recommendations

You may download this diagram as a pdf file here

External switching example - wiring diagram for a Grumman Traveller

Here is an example of an external switching wiring diagram for our pulsing system by Al Griffin for his Grumman Traveller, N7284L, prepared for the FAA 337 application. Download the pdf file of this nice wiring diagram.

This wiring example can be applied to other similar XeVision HID system installations. Thanks Al for providing and sharing this valuable information. For Al's complete FAA 337 click here.

XePulse™ 1 D+ with XV4D (left) and XV3D (right) ballast special wiring

XePulse D+ with XV4D ballast special wiring
XePulse D+ with XV3D ballast special wiring

click on the pictures for a larger image

You may download these diagrams as a pdf file here


Installation example in Glasair I RG
XeVision XV-36 landing light installed

XeVision H.I.D. lamp installed in Glasair RG I

XeVision XV-36 landing light with ring

XeVision H.I.D. lamp installed in Glasair RG I

XeVision XV-1 ballast installation on cowling

XeVision H.I.D. lamp installed in Glasair RG I

XeVision XV-1 ballast installation on firewall

XeVision H.I.D. lamp installed in Glasair RG I

Installation example by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott (AZ)

We got a fleet approval with FAA form 337 for our certified aircraft from the Scottsdale, AZ FSDO.

The pictures show how we attached everything to an aluminum plate and used existing mount holes in the nose bay of the aircraft and aircraft wiring. We did have to use the noise suppressors for this installation. They were done back in July and August 2003 and have given us excellent service with NO defects or failures of any kind.

Pat Kelly
Chief Inspector
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Prescott, AZ Campus

The picture example below shows the professional installation in a PA44-180 of their fleet.

Professional ballast installation on firewall

Two ballasts for separate landing and taxi light

click for larger picture

Professional HD lamp installation details

Taxi and landing light installation in the cowling

click for larger picture


For Diamond Aircraft DA40 aircraft XeVision HID installations

XeVision XV-19-W dual installation in Diamond Aircraft DA-40

Dual XeVision XV-19-W installation in Diamond Aircraft DA-40

Download a great DA40 - XeVision HID light installation manual kindly provided by DiamondAviator.org. This installation manual is detailed with plenty of instructional photos.

For more installation photos from various customers, visit our customer feedback and credentials page