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XeVision® HID & LED Lighting for Aerospace, Marine, Military and Industry
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XeVision® HID & LED Lighting Systems for Aerospace, Military and Industry
XeVision HID and LED aircraft landing and taxi light


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XeVision® LED & HID lighting media / press releases showing product news and company news

We are proud to present our line of XeVision HID lighting products for aircraft – the perfect match of safety and performance. All of our aviation HID systems with our XeStrike™ digital ballasts also comply with DO-160E standards (EMC and HF interference limits).

Complementary to our state-of-the-art HID lighting systems for Aerospace and Industry, XeVision introduced a line of aircraft LED landing lights and LED taxi lights - the XeTREME™ series - engineered implementing cutting-edge technologies resulting in highly efficient and dependable extreme brightness LED landing and taxi light fixtures

XeVision HID lighting systems are well established as a perfect solution for extreme environments, such as S&R operations, border patrol support, workspace applications. Military and law enforcement agencies make use of our powerful HID lighting systems - airborne as well as ground-based.

Our HID and LED light fixtures find a niche in railroad and boating transportation as well, contributing to substantially increased safety at night and day time.

We offer tethered mobile HID lighting systems, extreme environment tethered HID lamps, and powerful un-tethered mobile HID searchlights and LED flashlights providing excellent lighting solutions for industry or personal use like our XeRay™ HID searchlight.

Media and Press Releases include also company notable news and comparison charts that shows the performance of our lighting products like our latest cutting-edge LED landing lights and LED taxi lights for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.



XePulse™ 2 algorithm licensed by Verical Power, February 17 2010
Vertical Power licenses Patented XeVision XePulse™ 2 HID pulsing algorithm

XeVision LED landing lights and LED taxi lights feature descriptions, PR August 10 2021
Power of LED unleashed - XeVision's most powerful LED landing and taxi lights

XeVision LED landing lights and LED taxi lights main specifications, PR August 31 2021
XeVision's XV36-LED high-intensity LED landing and taxi light cutting-edge specifications

XeVision LED landing light brightness (cd) plotted in AeroLED published competitor graph, PR August 31 2021
XeVision's LED certified brightness data plotted in AeroLED's LED competitors brightness graph

XeVision LED landing light brightness (cd) versus time data plot compared to competitors, PR August 31 2021
Brightness (Candela) graph with XeVision LED landing light data compared to competitors data