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In The HANGAR episode "Candles Luxes & Lumens, Oh My! How Light Is Measured on Aircraft"

The established standards by which Landing lighting performance is measured.
Daniel Millican, publisher of "In The Hangar" interviews Dan Blumel about HID and LED light measurements after a local flight in Dan's Glasair at the XeVision business location. Watch this interesting "In The HANGAR" episode.

In The HANGAR episode "Reducing Bird Strikes with Light"

Dan Blumel of XeVision was invited by Daniel Millican, publisher of "In The Hangar" to speak about aircraft lighting. Watch the episode.

Hard to get Osram HID ballasts? Worry not, we got you covered

The XeVision XV4D ballasts are a direct replacement for the listed Osram ballast versions using only a 2 wire power input - Check out the XeVision Digital XeStrike™ D-series Ballasts offerings.

Aero-News Network releases XeVision XeTREME LED post

check it out!Check the Aero-News Network post please.

Aero-News Network Airborne 11.10.21: Featuring XeTREME

Aero-News Network is featuring XeVisions' XeTREME LED landing and LED taxi lights on their Airborne TV channel. Watch the XeTREME LED footage on YouTubel after the 3:34' mark.

Introducing XeVision's XeTREME™ Aerospae LED Technology

XeVision is introducing a line of LED landing lights and LED taxi lights - the XeTREME™ series LED lighting fixtures - engineered by implementing cutting-edge technologies resulting in highly efficient and dependable extreme brightness of our high-intensity LED landing and LED taxi light fixtures. Visit the XeVision XeTREME LED page please.


has received the status of a United States Registered Trademark as of May 12, 2015. The XeVision® range of products covered by the United States Registered Trademark are:
High intensity discharge (HID) lamp assemblies comprised of all their components; LED flashlights; HID searchlights; LED lamp assemblies comprised of all their components. In Int’l Class 011.

XeVision® way along the 'green path'.

XeVision® is implementing Pb-free technology back in 2006, in conjunction with selecting only RoHS compliant components for all our HID lighting systems, such as the XeStrike™ ballasts, XePulse™ 2 HID pulsing module, and XeSparQ™ D2 HID bulb igniter/adapter. XeVision® is offering the first 35 watt D-series XeStrike™ ballast for driving Philips XenEcoStart™ Mercury-free (Hg-free) D3S and D4S HID bulbs. Hg-free bulbs have very different and challenging electrical requirements for the ballast design. XeVision’s first slim-line ballast features an SAE type fast start-up bulb ignition suitable for any replacement of HID systems, if 'green' compliance is necessary. This new ballast is for aviation, military, and industrial applications. OEM welcome!
Green HID ballast specifications.

Vertical Power

licensed Patented XeVision XePulse™ 2 HID pulsing algorithm, see press release.

MIL-STD 461E and MIL-STD 810E

test procedures were performed on our 50 W HID system XV-36-SL with XV4D digital ballast, integrated in a military searchlight by our customer, a European Defense & Aerospace company. The official test reports demonstrate that our HID lighting system passed these extremely demanding standards, such as high and low temperatures, vibration, high altitude, and EMC. Note that all of our HID D1S systems with our XeStrike™ digital ballasts also comply with RTCA/DO-160E standards.

Robinson R44 helicopter with XeVision 50 W HID system (video)

Owner Sebastian Diaz Santelices of Chile - The video shows a pair of XeVision landing and taxi HID lights in the nose of the helicopter. XeVision's pulsing systems is a great safety addition. Video courtesy of Sebastian - thanks (Jurg - XeVision). Watch the YouTube video.

In-house custom design for complete HID systems

XeVision provides design, development, and production service for customers with a need for special digital HID system requirements. Design features include 35, 50, and 75 watt HID systems including pulsing. We also help design proper heat sink devices for thermal control of ballasts.
XeVision offers engineering and design expertise for customer-specified requirements. Our R&D includes electronics, thermal and mechanical enclosure design as well as optical reflector design in order to optimize HID performance. Please call!

Aerostars aerobatic night display

with smoke activated and illuminated with XeVision XV-36-SL 75 watt HID lamps and XePulse™ wig-wag system.

Watch the Sun'n Fun 2009 Night Show of the Aerostars in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYFQ2qkBgk0

More awesome videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1-bpIIASes&feature=related‪Gary‬ XeVision

Light a Candle ..

Kerry McIntyre of KNR, Inc., Evanston, WY 82930, has written an enlightening article comparing incandescent, LED, and HID landing and taxi lights. Please download ' Light a Candle ..' published in MooneyPilots.com in 2011. A lot has happened though since that time, but many observations and statements are still valid.

Our dedication to innovation, design, performance, reliability

Please compare: XeVision XeStrike™ digital ballasts versus latest Chinese ballast technology


XeVision XeStrike™ XV4D-75W ballast, DO-160E certified

Chinese ballast 35W called the 'Canbus killer'

  • - SMD technology
  • - Vibration safe
  • - Small footprint
  • - Proprietary passive cooling design
  • - Shielded for best EMI/RFI control
  • - RoHS and REACH compliant

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