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XeVision HID and LED aircraft landing and taxi light


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XeVision® high-intensity LED and HID lighting products for Aerospace and Industry

HID for Aviation - Aerospace

Our XeVision landing and taxi lights are for experimental aircraft and can be and have been approved for certified aircraft with FAA approval in numerous production aircraft. The good news! Click here

Our highest quality high-intensity HID Xenon lamp conversion kits, HID work and HID utility lights, options & accessories, and components are competitively priced for experimental aircraft. The following standard aircraft landing lights and new installation kits are available. Our XeVision landing and taxi lights are for experimental aircraft and can be and have been approved for certified aircraft with FAA approval in numerous certified production aircraft, see also FAA 337 field approvals. Note that all of our HID D1S systems with our XeStrike™ digital ballasts also comply with RTCA/DO-160E standards.

All of our XeVision aircraft installation light systems carry a 5 year or 3000/2000 hour (35/50 Watt) warranty, whatever comes first, including even the bulb/igniter.

For landing and taxi lights, our proprietary analog XeStrike™ ballast series XV1A, XV3A, and XV4A and now our new ditgital ballasts XV1D, XV3D, and XV4D are used as required, see HID pulsing system. The bulbs are without exception the third generation 35 watt D1S or 50 watt barnd D1S, parabolic and free-form metal reflectors and glass lenses are used without exception.

Please visit our aviation product page for more information.

HID for industrial applications

Mobile and tethered HID Xenon lighting systems

Our industrial high-intensity HID lighting systems comprise our mobile tethered work and utility lamps, and our mobile un-tethered XeRay searchlight. As for our HID Xenon Aviation lighting systems, the same technical standard applies for these lighting systems.

The systems carry a 1 year or 3000/2000 hour (35/50 Watt) warranty, including the bulb.

What you should know before you select & buy HID Xenon aircraft lighting systems! (click above to learn more)

The filament-free future is here - to last!

We are proud to present our line of XeVision lighting products for your aircraft safety, the perfect match of safety and performance. Based on the latest in lighting technology, our XeVision High Intensity Discharge - H.I.D. or HID Xenon (Xe) lamps - also known as Xenon HID - have been refined technologically. They are the ultimate solution for your landing and taxi light requirements. Industrial lighting application substantially benefit with the implementation of our XeVision HID systems.

We offer 35, 50 , and 75 watt systems. Our 35 Watt systems produce 3200 lumens and our 50 watt systems 65% more with 5300 lumens (and 8000 lumens for our 75 watt systems for special applications).

High-Intensity Discharge (H.I.D. or HID), or Xenon HID, HID Xenon are based on metal halide arc-discharge technology, and operate at less than half the power draw of a standard 100 Watt landing lamp , the light intensity is five times brighter with 500,000 candle power for our 35 watt systems (750,000 candle power for 50 watt systems, and more than a million for the 75 watt lights), and compared to special Halogen landing lamps, the light intensity increase is more than three (five) fold.

HID Xenon metal halide arc discharge lamps are by far the most efficient light source available, followed by the state-of-the-art LED. The table below shows the theoretical maximum efficiency compared to various commercial light sources. Note the high efficiency of our 50 watt HID system.

Light source

Theoretical maximum at 555 nm

Incandescent bulb

Halogen bulb, IR filtered

White LED Cree latest

Our present LED flashlights

HID, our 50 watt

LED, our 100 watt





90 - 140


> 100










By the way XeVision is pronounced 'zeevision'.

HID components

We use only very dependable brand third generation D1S or our XeSparQ D1S bulbs for our taxi and landing lights with appropriate ballast (like our proprietary XeStrike™ ballast series):The high voltage unit (igniter) is part of the bulb eliminating high tension leads from the ballast as opposed to earlier designs (D2S). This means greatly reduced EMI and thus minimum radio and avionics frequency noise of our D1S bulb offerings.

Our line of proprietary digital XeStrike™ ballast series are offered in 12 or 24 VDC, 35 to 75 watt, and DPM (dual variable power mode) operation, pulsing capable, and extremely dependable, water and dust resistant, and compact. These digital ballasts are genuine XeVision® products.


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