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XeVision HID Xe aircraft landing light


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XeRay™ Tactical HID Searchlight

A new generation of tactical XeRay™ model

XeRay XV-LX50 and XeRay XV-LX50 - barn burner on steroids

XeVision® has teamed up with an acclaimed European company, that designs remarkable high-end tactical military searchlights, manufactured to the highest quality and standards in order to comply with the requirements of the relevant European and USA technical standards, such as electrical, mechanical, impact as well as safety requirements. Assembled in the USA.

XeVision's state-of-the-art HID technology is powering the HID searchlight with a special proprietary dual power mode (DPM) XeStrike™ digital ballast and our proprietary XeSparQ™ igniter/adapter. Paired with that, the best of genuine European manufactured HID bulbs are used; modified D2S bulbs and special high wattage modified bulbs.

All of these factors combined with the superb design and quality by this European company and the highly reliable and powerful HID light engine by XeVision® ensure an outstanding tactical HID searchlight, with optimized brightness, durability, and highly reduced EMI emissions. All of these components are brought together to create the finished product, assembled in the USA by XeVision®.

This HID searchlight design comprises two models, XeRayXV-LX50 and XeRayXV-LX70, with difference in output power and optical head size and design.

Both HID searchlight models offer unrivaled optical performance and quality resulting in precise beam geometry and impressive brightness. They are designed to be used under extreme and harsh environmental conditions.

Both models, XeRay™ XV-LX50 and XeRay™ XV-LX70, will satisfy the most demanding needs for many tactical applications such as military personnel, police, security agencies, firefighters, mining & tunneling & caving, search & rescue, divers, and not to forget the quality discerning HID searchlight enthusiasts/hobbyists.

Shared features of the two XeRay™ models
XV-LX50 and XV-LX70
  1. Extreme long range beam performance with precise beam pattern
  2. Highly accurate optical design and manufacturing
  3. HID proprietary digital XePuck™ ballast and XeSparQ™ igniter/adapter
  4. Dual output power mode (DPM), selectable by magnetic rotary switch
  5. European brand highest quality HID bulbs
  6. High precision CNC machined Aluminum body parts
  7. All Aluminum body parts are MIL-SPEC hard anodized
  8. Extreme mechanical shock proof design
  9. Waterproof to 50 m / 164 ft
  10. High capacity Li-Ion battery pack with supporting power management
XeRay™ XV-LX70

Output power: 50/70 watt

Luminous flux: 5300/7500 lumens

Reflector: 100 mm Ø EF high precision

XV-LX70 list price: $ 2,587.- (+ S/H)

Spare bulb list price: $ 185.- (+ S/H)

Warranty: 1 year (battery 6 months)

XeRay XV-LX70
XeRay™ XV-LX70
XeRay™ XV-LX50

Output power: 35/50 watt

Luminous flux: 3200/5300 lumens

Reflector: 80 mm Ø CNC high precision

XV-LX50 list price: $ 2,298.- (+ S/H)

Spare D2S bulb list price: $ 85.- (+ S/H)

Warranty: 1 year (battery 6 months)

XeRay XV-LX50
XeRay™ XV-LX50